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2016 SEG

Sudhendu Kashikar, Microseismic Inc.; Hasan Shojaei, Microseismic, Inc; Peter Duncan, Microseismic, Inc.

Seeking Real Value: Quantitative Estimation of Permeability Enhancement, Production Volumes and Drainage Area from Microseismic Data
2016 SEG

Jonathan P. McKenna*, Michael H. Grealy, Michael S. Blaz, and Nathan M. Toohey, MicroSeismic, Inc.

Using Depletion-Zone Microseismicity to Understand Producing Volumes
2016 SEG

Aleksandar Jeremic∗, Michael Thornton, Peter Duncan, MicroSeismic Inc.

Ambient Passive Seismic Imaging with Noise Analysis
2016 URTeC

Hasan Shojaei*, MicroSeismic, Inc.; Casey Lipp, Peregrine Petroleum

Optimizing Unconventional Field Development through an Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Simulation Approach
2016 URTeC

Asal Rahimi Zeynal, Sudhendu Kashikar, MicroSeismic Inc.

Understanding and Quantifying Variable Drainage Volume for Unconventional Wells
2016 URTeC

Alireza Agharazi*, Sudhendu Kashikar, MicroSeismic Inc.

A Geomechanical Study of Refracturing based on Microseismic Observations – Case Study of Haynesville and Eagle Ford Wells
2016 URTeC

Jonathan P. McKenna*, Michael H. Grealy, Michael S. Blaz and Nathan M. Toohey, MicroSeismic, Inc.

Using Depletion-Zone Microseismicity to Understand Producing Volumes
2016 URTeC

Claudio Virues, Jason Hendrick, Nexen Energy ULC; Sudhendu Kashikar, Microseimic Inc.

Development of Limited Discrete Fracture Network using Surface Microseismic Event Detection Testing in Canadian Horn River Basin
2016 URTeC

Alireza Agharazi - MicroSeismic, Inc.

Determining Maximum Horizontal Stress With Microseismic Focal Mechanisms – Case Studies in the Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Wolfcamp
2016 AMRA

Alireza Agharazi - MicroSeismic, Inc.

Determination of Maximum Horizontal Field Stress from Microseismic Focal Mechanisms – A Deterministic Approach
2016 Hydraulic Fracturing Journal

Alireza Agharazi, Sudhendu Kashikar - MicroSeismic, Inc.

What Microseismicity Tells Us About Re-fracturing – An Engineering Approach to Re-fracturing Design
2015 SEG 2015

Aleksandar Jeremic∗, Julia Kurpan, Michael Thornton, Peter Duncan, MicroSeismic Inc

Passive seismic multicomponent imaging using geometrical optics theory <
2015 White Paper Peter Duncan Full Wave Imaging of Downhole Microseismic; using all the data
2014 URTeC 2014

Jonathan P. McKenna* MicroSeismic, Inc.

Where Did The Proppant Go?
2014 SEG 2014

Carl W. Neuhaus, Jon McKenna*, Asal Rahimi Zeynal, Cherie Telker, Mary Ellison, MicroSeismic, Inc.

Completions and reservoir engineering applications of microseismic data
2013 SEG František Staněk, Leo Eisner New model explaining inverted source mechanisms of microseismic events induced by hydraulic fracturing
2013 SEG Paige B. Snelling, Michael de Groot, Kybum Hwang Characterizing Hydraulic Fracture Behaviour in the Horn River Basin with Microseismic Data
2013 SEG Jane Ling, Williams Barker Microseismic Case Study: Investigating the Natural Fractures and Faults of the Muskwa & Evie Shale Play in Northeastern British Columbia
2013 AAPG John P. Detring and Sherilyn Williams-Stroud Using Microseismicity to Understand Subsurface Fracture Systems and Increase the Effectiveness of Completions: Eagle Ford Shale, TX
2013   Amy Fox, Paige Snelling, Jon McKenna, Chris Neale, Carl Neuhaus, Jennifer Miskimmins Geomechanical Principles for Unconventional Reservoirs
2012 ARMA Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, William B. Barker, Kevin Smith Induced Hydraulic Fractures or Reactivated Natural Fractures? Modeling the Response of Natural Fracture Networks to Stimulation Treatments
2011 First Break Scott Wessels Identifying Faults and Fractures Using Source Mechanism Inversion, b Values, and Energy Release Rates
2011 Geophysics David Gei, Leo Eisner and Peter Suhadolc Feasibility of Estimation of Vertical Tranverse Isotropy from Microseismic Data Recorded by Surface Monitoring Arrays
2011 First Break Scott Wessels, Alejandro De La Peña, Michael Kratz, Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud and Terry Jbeili Identifying Faults and Fractures in Unconventional Reservoirs
2011 EAGE Yang Zhang, Leo Eisner, William B. Barker, Michael C. Mueller, Kevin Smith Consistent Imaging of Hydraulic Fracture Treatments from Permanent Arrays Using a Calibrated Velocity Model
2011 EAGE Leo Eisner, Christian Stotter, Michael C. Mueller, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, Erwin Herndler Design of Passive Seismic Monitoring for Underground Gas Storage in the Vienna Basin, Austria
2011 EAGE Alejandro De La Peña, Scott Wessels Barnett Mechanisms
2011 SEG Leo Eisner, Dr. Michael P. Thornton and Jessica Griffin Challenges for Microseismic Monitoring
2011 SEG Scott Wessels, Michael Kratz, Alejandro De La Peña Identifying Fault Activation During Hydraulic Stimulation in the Barnett Shale: Source Mechanisms, b Values, and Energy Release Analysis of Microseismicity
2011 ARMA Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud and Leo Eisner Stimulated Fractured Reservoir DFN Models Calibrated with Microseismic Source Mechanisms
2011 The Leading Edge Leo Eisner, Yang Zhang, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, Michael C. Mueller and Dr. Michael P. Thornton Effective VTI Anisotropy for Consistent Monitoring of Microseismic Events
2011 EAGE Leo Eisner, Alejandro De La Peña, Scott Wessels, William B. Barker and Werner M. Heigl Why Surface Monitoring of Microseismic Events Works
2010 EAGE Leo Eisner, B.J. Hulsey, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, Dana Jurick, Heigl Werner and William Keller Comparison of Surface and Borehole Locations of Induced Seismicity
2010 SEG Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Randal L Billingsley Techniques to Estimate Fracture Effectiveness When Mapping Low-Magnitude Microseismicity
2010 SEG Jo Ellen Kilpatrick, Leo Eisner, Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Brian Cornette, Morris Hall Natural Fracture Characterization from Microseismic Source Mechanisms: A Comparison with FMI Data
2010 EAGE Leo Eisner, Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Andrew Hill, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, Dr. Michael P. Thornton Beyond the Dots in the Box - Microseismicity-Constrained Fracture Models for Reservoir Simulation
2010 SEG B.J. Hulsey, Brian Cornette, David Pratt Surface Microseismic Mapping Reveals Details of the Marcellus Shale
2010 EAGE Alejandro De La Peña, Leo Eisner, Dr. Michael P. Thornton and Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud Detection of Mechanical Failure During Hydraulic Fracturing Through Passive Seismic Microseismic Monitoring
2010 EAGE Leo Eisner, Alejandro De La Peña, Scott Wessels, William B. Barker, Werner Heigl Why Surface Monitoring of Microseismic Events Works
2010 EAGE Kit Chambers, J.-Michael Kendall, Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl and Jose Rueda Testing the Ability of Surface Arrays to Monitor Microseismic Activity
2010 AAPG Leo Eisner, Vladimir Grechka and Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud Future of Microseismic Analysis: Integration of Monitoring and Reservoir Simulation
2009 AOGR Jose Nevarez and Chris Neale Near Surface Permanent Arrays Displace Conventional Frac Monitoring and Open Door to Cost Effective Long Term Reservoir Development Monitoring
2009 EAGE Petr Kolinsky, Leo Eisner, Vladimir Grechka, Dana Jurick, Dr. Peter M. Duncan Observation of Shear-Wave Splitting from Microseismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing: A Non-VTI Story
2009 CSEG Dr. Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Leo Eisner Geological Microseismic Fracture Mapping - Methodologies for Improved Interpretations Based on Seismology and Geologic Context
2009 CSEG Jo Ellen Kilpatrick, Julia Kurpan, Leo Eisner, Morris Hall Source Mechanisms for Slick-Water and Nitrogen Fracture Stimulation Treatments
2009 SEG Chuntao Liang, Dr. Michael P. Thornton and Dr. Peter M. Duncan Enhance Seismic Interferometry Signal Using an Adaptive FK Filter
2009 SEG Morris Hall, Jo Ellen Kilpatrick Surface Microseismic Monitoring of Slick-Water and Nitrogen Fracture Stimulations, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
2009 SEG William R. Keller, B. J. Hulsey and Dr. Peter M. Duncan Correlation of Surface Microseismic Event Distribution to Water Production and Faults Mapped on 3D Seismic Data: a West Texas Case Study
2009 SEG Chuntao Liang, Dr. Michael P. Thornton, Peter Morton, B.J. Hulsey, Andrew Hill, and Phil Rawlins Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Passive Seismic Data with an Adaptive FK Filter
2008 SEG Leo Eisner, David Abbott, William B. Barker, James D. Lekings and Dr. Michael P. Thornton Noise Suppression for Detection and Location of Microseismic Events Using a Matched Filter
2006 EAGE I. Weir-Jones, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, S.A. Shore, and S.M.J. Taylor Design Considerations for Cost Effective PMM Systems
2006 SEG James D. Lakings, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, Chris Neale, and Todd Theiner Surface Based Microseismic Monitoring of a Hydraulic Fracture Well Stimulation in the Barnett Shale
2006 EAGE Dr. Peter M. Duncan and James D. Lakings Microseismic Monitoring with a Surface Array
2006 EAGE Dr. Peter M. Duncan and James D. Lakings Frontier Exploration Using Passive Seismic
2006 EAGE I. Weir-Jones, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, S.A. Shore, and S.M.J. Taylor Data Acquisition, Transfer and Processing for Multi Channel Permanent PMM Systems