Advanced Real-Time Analysis

MSI resultsMicroStar Monitoring Vehicle

Optimize Your Production With Real-time Analysis

MicroSeismic helps customers increase production and lower development costs through improved real-time decision making.  Instead of delayed results, operators can accurately understand and react to the impact of treatment on the reservoir in real-time.  MicroSeismic gives customers an in-depth view into the reservoir as well as recommendations based on years of experience to optimize production.

MicroSeismic is the only provider of surface and downhole microseismic that can deliver real-time monitoring services anywhere in the world. Our expert team of analysts process massive amounts of data in real-time by running the data through the patented Passive Seismic Emission Tomography, or PSET®, technology and a proprietary GUI. Specialists working on the job can locate and display fracture maps as the well is completed in real-time.  These results are delivered in our state of the art MicroStar trucks and securely on the web to approved viewers anywhere in the world. 

MSI-Real-Time-RoomMicroSeismic Real-Time Monitoring Room

As the industry and technology leader, MicroSeismic has drastically improved the accuracy and reliability of real-time microseismic processing with advances such as Automatic Moment Tensor Inversion, a machine learning algorithm for Event Editing, and Anisotropic Calibration. In addition, many of MicroSeismic’s completions engineering services can be provided in real-time for on-demand improvements to frac coverage area and treatment optimization.

Why Monitor in Real-time?

  • Save money and improve production by allowing each frac treatment to be optimized
  • Empower completions engineers to meet or exceed frac coverage area
  • Allow for quick comparison of different frac treatments
  • Enable active monitoring of fracture extent to stay in-zone and avoid geohazards
  • Optimize well spacing and stage spacing recommendations for subsequent wells

Real-time Processing Advancements

At the core of MicroSeismic’s engineering applications is a robust set of patented technologies that precisely locate fractures and determine source mechanisms in real-time. These technologies output information that both engineers and geophysicists trust.

Automatic Moment Tensor Inversion

  • Allows for more accurate source mechanisms on all events
  • Details moment tensor inversion in real-time

Machine Learning Algorithm for Event Editing

  • Locates 10% more true fractures than other technologies
  • Increases accuracy of events and reduces subjectivity of interpretation
  • Increases speed of interpretation to allow for highly accurate real-time analysis

Anisotropic Calibration

  • Allows for the highest accuracy and lowest uncertainty in the industry


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