Product Updates | Q3 2012


July 31, 2012: MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic) announced today that it has introduced new technology and solutions with its next generation of services. The changes include an upgrade to the patented Passive Seismic Emission Tomography (PSET™) technology, introduction of Seismicity Monitoring services and the MicroSeismic Reservoir Intelligence (MRI) online portal, which will all be available Q3 2012. View the full press release.

PSET™ 4.0

MicroSeismic has upgraded its patented passive seismic monitoring, mapping and analysis process called PSET™ 4.0 with the following enhancements:

  1. PSET Monitoring – Improves imaging in low signal quality areas through the use of a new proprietary processing technique.
  2. PSET™ VTI (Vertical Transverse Isotropy) – Provides the ability to estimate and account for anisotropy to create more accurate velocity models.
  3. PSET™ Alert – Enhances real time capabilities to automatically trigger alerts based on customer defined criteria.
  4. PSET™ Viewer – Available online through the MRI Portal which allows customers to rapidly view their microseismic results in a 3D Viewer on their computer or tablet.

MicroSeismic Reservoir Intelligence (MRI) Portal

MicroSeismic now enables organizations to view their microseismic results in a single, online repository via the MRI (MicroSeismic Reservoir Intelligence) portal being rolled out to customers in Q3. The proprietary application provides a 3D view of PSET generated event sets and allows users to manipulate event set data for additional analysis.


Seismicity Monitoring

Based on proven and proprietary BuriedArray™ near-surface monitoring technology, Seismicity Monitoring provides customers a means to demonstrate that positive magnitude events which occur as a result of nearby natural seismicity are unrelated with fracturing or wastewater activity.

Additional Benefits:

  • Allow for on-going, low cost measurements of seismicity for a single pad, township or over a large region
  • Event resolution can be 10X better or more than available USGS/NRCan networks which helps to accurately pinpoint and demonstrate the safety of subsurface treatment activity

ML 0 and greater

Township (< 50 sq miles) ± 50' ± 300' ± 5 miles
Extended (< 500 sq miles) ± 150' ± 600' ± 5 miles
Regional (> 500 sq miles) ± 2000' ± 5 miles
*USGS resolution for a ML 2.0 event

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