PSET® Downhole

MicroSeismic’s proprietary PSET Downhole, the same imaging technology used in PSET 5.0, offers more robust and accurate event locations than other methods of downhole processing via full-waveform imaging. This accuracy, combined with MicroSeismic’s industry leading experience in microseismic imaging, helps operators automatically evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment design and provides more objective processing, eliminating user bias. The reduced processing time improves field planning, saving time and lowering costs.

RSP DH MapView crop2 CopyWhy PSET Downhole?

PSET Downhole was developed by MicroSeismic to overcome the issues with traditional downhole processing. The technology utilizes the full waveform migration approach and Kirchhoff imaging principles to locate each event. To ensure accuracy, the data is separated into its P–wave and shear wave components which are migrated to a common image point.

  • More objective processing eliminates wellbore bias
  • Automatically locate more events in real time
  • Accurately locate compressional and shear arrivals
  • Identify lower magnitude events
  • Automate arrival time determination
  • Monitor multiple wells and geometries
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Utilizes the full wavefield rather than selections of data