Seismicity Monitoring | Identification of Positive Magnitude Events

Seismicity Detection

Seismicity Monitoring and alerting establishes avoidance of positive magnitude events arising from fracturing or waste water injection activity, cost effectively and over wide areas.

Seismicity Monitoring allows the operator to establish a baseline for naturally occurring seismicity prior to the startup of injection activities. Monitoring over the life of the asset helps to demonstrate proactive stewardship of field operations.

Monitoring can be based on an existing standard BuriedArray® design (for smaller operations) or deployed using a custom designed sparse array over areas of  >10,000 square miles. Event resolution from this service can be 10x better than measurements available from public networks such as USGS and NRCan; helping to accurately pinpoint and demonstrate the safety of subsurface treatment activities. This service also includes real-time event alerts sent directly to your smartphone, as well as weekly reporting of activities.

MicroSeismic, Inc. is a global leader in real-time Seismicity Monitoring with proprietary arrays in Canada and the U.S.

AlertArray™MSI AlertArray SM detection

The real-time seismicity monitoring network, AlertArray, offers a low-cost alternative to monitoring each completion in a wide range of areas and is in compliance with specific regional orders and mandates. The custom array is capable of providing high-resolution event locations for various event types and magnitudes.

Why AlertArray?

  • Reduce completion costs and improve production with the ability to add-on hydraulic fracture monitoring
  • No operational or HSE risk

AlertArray Features

  • Subscription-based and project-based options available
  • Versatile to meet regulations in any area
  • Real-time monitoring during completions
  • Monitoring available 24/7/365
  • Timely notification of events, per well
  • Event alerts and reporting can be adapted to any operator's stop light protocols
  • Regional solutions provide lower pricing than independent monitoring


To learn more about Seismicity Monitoring or AlertArray, please contact MicroSeismic