With over 25,000 stages monitored, over 50 BuriedArray installments, and work spanning 18 countries, MicroSeismic, Inc. has proven the successful application of surface and downhole microseismic monitoring across the world.


From completions evaluation services, to hydraulic fracture mapping to reservoir monitoring, our passive monitoring services and advanced analysis products are unmatched in the marketplace.

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Completions Evaluation

Microseismic-based completions evaluation services include Productive-SRV and Treatment Design Analysis to improve well spacing and treatment design, to determine where the proppant went and how well the formation was treated, and ultimately to better predict expected recovery.  Learn more

Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring & Mapping

A team of experienced geoscientists and engineers work with our customers to provide interpretation of the results, and recommendations for optimizing future completions. Real-time results can help optimize a frac program during the job. Full analysis is delivered within a month, including: fracture mapping, geomechanical analysis, geocellular modeling, discrete fracture network creation, and an estimation of stimulated rock volume.  Learn more

Reservoir Monitoring

Reservoir monitoring is among the various applications for MicroSeismic, Inc.'s (MSI's) BuriedArray™ microseismic data acquisition service. Our BuriedArray™ service provides a cost-effective and comprehensive method for monitoring long-term, dynamic changes in the reservoir associated with production and injection operations.  Learn more

Seismicity Monitoring

Seismicity Monitoring allows the operator to establish a baseline for naturally occurring seismicity prior to the startup of injection activities. Monitoring over the life of the asset helps to demonstrate proactive stewardship of field operations.  Learn more

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Acquisition Products

FracStar™ Real-Time Surface Monitoring

MicroSeismic’s FracStar Surface Monitoring uses an easily deployed, retrievable, surface-located, radial geophone array to effectively monitor long laterals and pad drilling over large geographic areas. Each array design is customized for the operator’s specific area of interest, ensuring the highest quality dataset is obtained.  Learn more

BuriedArray™ Permanent & Real-Time Shallow Subsurface Monitoring


MicroSeismic’s BuriedArray™ data acquisition deploys a permanent array of MicroSeismic designed geophone strings installed in the near-surface to monitor an area of more than 500 sq. miles (1,300 sq. km). BuriedArray monitoring service uses PSET technology to provide results that show how fractures are propagating during the well treatment. By determining source mechanisms, PSET processing provides greater understanding of the effectiveness of the stimulation treatment.  Learn more

Downhole Monitoring with EventPick™ Technology

Real-time MicroSeismic Downhole Monitoring with EventPick™ Technology provides an independent evaluation of well stimulation results in areas less suitable for surface-based microseismic acquisition. Initial results, determined using the proprietary EventPick processing technology, can be delivered in real time and final results delivered within a month. The solution provides operators with the fracture geometry and azimuth, discrete fracture network characterization, estimations of propped stimulated reservoir volume, and recommendations for completions optimization.  Learn more

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Processing Technology

PSET® Monitoring

MicroSeismic offers its Passive Seismic Emission Tomography (PSET) technology to precisely locate microseismic events. This patented microseismic monitoring, mapping and analysis process employs beam steering to gather and sum the output, detecting event hypocenters with high accuracy.

In addition to PSET Monitoring, MicroSeismic also offers:

  • PSET Alerting - Set alerts in real-time, on user selected event types to trigger immediate notifications.
  • PSET Uncertainty Estimation - Customers can evaluate hypocenter uncertainty using the PSET Uncertainty attribute. The attribute helps customers understand the location uncertainty in a more quantitative way, and gain more confidence in results.
  • PSET VTI (Vertical Transverse Isotropy) - An interactive calibration tool used to characterize anisotropic velocity models to produce clearer, more precise images of microseismic event locations.

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EventPick™ Downhole First Arrival Processing

MicroSeismic uses the earthquake seismology derived technique of p-wave and s-wave first arrival picking for processing microseismic events acquired via downhole geophone arrays. The proprietary EventPick processing software is used to provide automated triggering on microseismic events. A team of experienced processors manually validates each trigger to identify the events of interest and separate them from false positives like tube waves, electrical spikes and pumping noise. Where multiple wells are available, the technology can be used to calculate source mechanisms to characterize how the rock was broken. The raw results and microseismic view are provided on every job for quality control.  Learn more

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