Landowner Information

MicroSeismic, Inc. is an oilfield services company providing real-time monitoring and mapping of well stimulation operations in unconventional oil and gas plays.

Our purpose is to provide analysis to oil and gas companies on how the reservoir is responding to stimulation and its impact on the environment. We care about the rights of landowners, as well as being good stewards of the environment.

landownerMicroSeismic Does

  • Professionally design surface arrays and distribute sensors
  • Rapidly deploy temporary cables (about the same diameter as an extension cord) with sensors
  • Listen for vibrations caused by well stimulation
  • Produce professional images of how rocks break in a reservoir
  • Monitor well stimulation in order to help clients make informed decisions

MicroSeismic Does Not

  • Utilize traditional, active monitoring with heavy vibrator trucks
  • Use heavy machinery or explosives
  • Drill additional wells
  • Record reservoir data used to interpret reservoir structures or properties
  • Permanently install sensors for FracStar™ designs
  • Create unnecessary noise – our recording equipment works best in quiet settings

Crew Impact On Property

Surface-based, passive monitoring is the environmentally conscious method to monitor well treatments. Unlike other monitoring techniques, passive monitoring does not require the drilling of additional wells or the use of heavy recording equipment.

  • Data not recorded for use to identify hydrocarbons or depositional structures under properties
  • Our employee’s top priority is protecting the land and ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Monitoring well stimulations results in a safer, more efficient extraction process
  • MicroSeismic’s process is designed specifically to monitor activity in and around the wellbore during stimulation

Crew And Equipment

MSI-Field2-lgMicroSeismic’s surface-based monitoring equipment is installed by professional field operations crews who strive to “leave no trace.”

  • Dedicated crews of 12-15 highly skilled professional rapidly deploy and retrieve cabled sensors
  • Only requires surface permitting
  • Professional surface arrays designed to distribute sensors with minimal intrusion on property
  • Monitoring equipment requires little interference with existing structures on property

How Our Equipment Works

  • Sensors are attached to cables that run several thousand feet per line
  • Cables and sensors are laid out in approximately 10-12 lines (varies by design)
  • Sensors are similar to stethoscopes; they are placed on the surface to listen to the rock breaking during well stimulations

For more information on our Operations, please contact MicroSeismic.

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