Surface-based, passive seismic is the environmentally conscientious method of monitoring well treatments. Whereas other monitoring techniques often require drilling additional wells, passive seismic does not. Passive Seismic also does not require the use of property-damaging, heavy recording equipment. Our surface-based monitoring equipment is installed by professional field operations crews who are trained to leave no permanent trace in the areas where MSI has worked.

operations1Field Operations

For each operation, we bring a dedicated field team of highly-skilled professionals, all of whom strive to provide the best seismic imaging services for the best value. Our field teams perform their work safely, with the highest quality and efficiency, while also protecting the environment.

Exceptional Quality & Service

MicroSeismic’s Operations team works to achieve an exceptional level of quality and service for every client. In addition, our crews utilize the most advanced recording systems available from Sercel and Wireless Seismic, two of the world leaders in seismic recording system production.


Efficiency in Geophysical Data Acquisitions

MicroSeismic employs our own highly-skilled and dedicated field crews and owns our acquisition equipment. Through project planning and frequent communication with our clients and vendors, we ensure that we consistently employ the latest technology to provide the most efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly geophysical data acquisition in the world.