Why MicroSeismic, Inc.?

Experience Matters

real-time-122MicroSeismic Inc. is the leader and inventor of the surface microseismic category. Founded in 2003, MicroSeismic has over 10 years of experience perfecting results for customers. With over 28,000 stages monitored and over 50 BuriedArrays installed, the Company has multiple times more surface experience than all other providers combined.

Unconventional plays vary widely across the United States and internationally, making this experience extremely valuable to customers. The characterization of shales and interpretation of results provided by MicroSeismic is based on years of knowledge that other providers simply do not have.

Custom Solutions

MicroSeismic’s extensive experience allows the Company to recommend highly custom solutions for each customer. With basic information about the frac location and plan, MicroSeismic can recommend the best service for each specific basin. The Company has the capability to provide surface, near-surface and downhole acquisition, as well as 3c and low-frequency options. However, not all solutions are appropriate in each basin. It is for this reason that MicroSeismic offers only custom solutions to each client based on a multitude of factors. We will recommend specific solutions to customers only in areas for which they are appropriate and have been proven before.

Operational Excellence

MicroSeismic prides itself on operational excellence and adherence to the strictest of safety standards. Rather than outsourcing data acquisition, MicroSeismic owns its own acquisition equipment and employs highly-skilled and dedicated field crews. Through years of experience, we have learned how to efficiently collect data while also protecting the environment.

Independent Point of View

MicroSeismic is committed to our core business of Completions Evaluation Services and microseismic monitoring. Because we are not also pumping your frac or providing frac materials such as proppants and gels, we can provide a wholly agnostic point of view when monitoring your results. MicroSeismic can help you determine the effectiveness of different frac treatments in real-time, allowing for quick decision making based on results you can trust.