Webcast | 2017 | January | Assess Your Stress – Get Mohr From Your Microseismic

Presenter: Orlando Teran, PhD, Structural Geologist

Date: January 17, 2017

Title: Assess Your Stress – Get Mohr From Your Microseismic

Description: Focal mechanisms, when computed for an entire microseismic catalogue, permit a rapid assessment of the stress conditions throughout the entire stimulated reservoir. In this talk we will present a new geomechanical workflow using focal mechanisms to accurately and unambiguously estimate SHmax. We will demonstrate the importance of SHmax in achieving more precise frac design modeling results, as well as how the microseismic data permits us to evaluate the stratigraphic variations in SHmax. Additionally, by simply using the microseismic fracture orientations and this new workflow, we will show how we can identify fracture populations likely to control fluid flow, those that required different stimulation pressures in order to contribute to flow, and the mechanical conditions that favored out-of-zone growth and reactivation of geohazards. We will further show how by integrating stimulation data, such as net wellbore pressure measurements, and geophysical logs, can better constrain our geomechanical model as well as understand the adaptive controls affecting the overall stimulated rock volume.