MicroSeismic, Inc. Value Proposition and E&P Investor Information

MicroSeismic is dedicated to helping oil and gas operators maximize return on investment through completions optimization to increase production and reduce costs by:

  • Determining ideal well and stage spacing
  • Optimizing frac design and field development
  • Eliminating non-productive stages
  • Avoiding costly geohazards and faults
  • Remaining in-zone and avoiding environmental liability

MicroSeismic's Completions Evaluations Services use real data (rather than models) to determine how a well was completed and make recommendations on methods to improve completion efficiency and effectiveness. These improvements drop straight to the bottom line and help ensure that E&P companies yield the highest returns possible to their investors. Our clients continually report multiples of return on investment for MicroSeismic’s services.

E&P and Investor FAQs

How can microseismic monitoring increase ROI for an investor?
Real-time monitoring during hydraulic fracturing enables operators to make on-the-spot treatment decisions to avoid waste or improve production by halting or continuing pumping based on the marginal return of additional fluid. In addition, microseismic is often used to determine ideal well spacing and stage length to get the most production possible for the least amount of cost. Finally, microseismic allows operators to avoid costly geohazards, faults, and water bearing formations. All this means operators are producing more for less, leading to more profitability.
What effect does microseismic have on cash flow for operators?
Microseismic monitoring occurs during the frac'ing process so it does not hold up or delay production. On the contrary, microseismic can be used to determine ideal well spacing and completions designs years before the traditional trial and error methods - improving production and cash flow now rather than later.
Why don't all operators use microseismic?
Nearly all operators use microseismic on a small subset of wells. The idea is that it is used once to learn a frac "recipe" to move forward with. However, this thinking often backfires as shale geology is extremely heterogeneous even within the same acreage. For best results, microseismic should be used on all completions in real-time. MicroSeismic, Inc. has a proprietary method to make this level of monitoring economical with a BuriedArray® system that can be used over the life of a field.