Landowner FAQs

What type of damage can I expect to my land after MicroSeismic has completed a job?
MicroSeismic crews and equipment leave behind only a minimal footprint once a project is complete. No long term effects are incurred.
What kind of energy sources or explosives does MicroSeismic use during monitoring?
Unlike conventional seismic operations, MSI does not use explosives, or Vibroseis methods for an energy source. Microseismic is listening for the rocks in the reservoir to break and fail under the pressure created by the frac job on the surface. MicroSeismic uses only the energy of the fractures themselves.
How do I make sure that operators are telling the truth when they say their frac’ing has not contaminated my water wells?
Microseismic data can clearly pinpoint what’s happening below the surface by mapping where the fracs are going. Using microseismic, operators can demonstrate that the fracs stay thousands of feet below the surface, so it’s not possible for the process to contaminate water tables. Microseismic data can be used by operators (drillers), regulators, courts and legislators to prove that a well is not being affected by a hydraulic frac operation helping defend against allegations of contamination.