Downhole Monitoring

downhole-350Downhole MonitoringMicroSeismic’s downhole monitoring solution provides operators with fracture geometry and azimuth, discrete fracture network characterization, estimations of stimulated reservoir volume, and recommendations for completions optimization. Final results are determined using the proprietary PSET® Downhole processing technology can be delivered within a month of the acquisition.

MicroSeismic acquires downhole microseismic data with a string of geophones located in a monitor well proximal to the well being treated. Capabilities include single-well monitoring, multiple-well monitoring, combined FracStar surface and downhole monitoring, distance-separated array monitoring, and high-resolution or high-fold array monitoring.

In addition, downhole monitoring can be combined with MicroSeismic’s surface acquisition products such as FracStar®, BuriedArray®, and patented PSET® and PSET® Downhole processing to provide the leading technology for combined downhole and surface acquisition.


  • 60 levels of 3C digital downhole sensor tools with variable inter-level spacing
  • Tractorable sensor arrays
  • Complimentary service offered with surface monitoring
  • GeoRes data management for field recording
  • SeisNet data management for display capabilities and quality control